Welcome to Faith Fest Owensboro

What is Faith Fest Owensboro?

Faith Fest Owensboro began in 2011 by the work of the Owensboro-Daviess County Ministerial Association (ODCMA) as 'A Celebration of the Many Religions in Our Area' with the purpose to nuture Owensboro as a compasionate community.

Faith Fest is an interfaith event including several local faith communities. Participants have included the following: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Humanist, Jain, Jewish, Muslim, and Pagan.

Why Faith Fest Owensboro?

This series of events provides the opportunity to learn about world religions right here at home. Yes, we learn about world religions and various 'flavors' of Christianity, but Faith Fest is much more than that!

We are meeting each other in our own faith homes. We are viewing each other's books and art. We are sharing things that are dear to us without trying to proselytize. Faith Fest provides an opportunity to grow in appreciation of other faiths and our own.

As we get to know each other and understand each other ideally trust is built so that when we disagree, we can still see each other as friends. Hopefully, understanding and trust will lead to further collaboration and the building of a more compassionate community.

Interfaith dialog seeks common ground yet acknowledges differences, and differences do matter, but need not block the growth of a compassionate society.

Faith Fest Owensboro Format & Schedule

Faith Fest spans several weeks and is a fusion of religious arts, conversation, study and worship. It concludes with an interfaith Thanksgiving service which began in 2008. Each year has some new events and new communities participating in Faith Fest. Several events from previous years are listed below.

Faith Fest Owensboro schedules are distributed to local Faith Communities several weeks before the event and posted on this website. This annual event is sponsored by the Owensboro-Daviess County Ministerial Association and Owensboro Area Faith Communities.

Planning Headquarters is the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Owensboro (UUCO) c/o Rev. Dr. Claudia A. Ramisch / 270-683-1462. If you have additional questions or wish to participate in Faith Fest please contact Rev. Claudia.

Keynote lectures

  • 2011 Sr. Miriam Therese Winter, PhD: Spirituality in a Quantum Universe-  (Brescia)
  • 2011 Lucinda Mosher, ThD: Interfaith Dialogue in the Neighborhood-  (Trinity Episcopal Church)
  • 2012 Dr. Isabel Mukonyora: The Changing Face of Christianity-  (Woodlawn UMC)
  • 2013 Amanda Blohm-Thompson: Teaching World Religions in a Public University-  (Woodlawn UMC)
  • 2014 Rev. Dr. Claudia A. Ramisch: The Changing Landscape of Religion in U.S. & Interfaith Dialog-  (Woodlawn UMC)
  • 2015 Aloma Dew: The Influence of Women of Faith on Kentucky History-  (Woodlawn UMC)

Tour of Faith Homes

This event is very popular. Several communities open their Faith Homes to the public and provide guided tours through their place of worship. Each shares information about their faith, their history in Owensboro, programs, etc. and answers questions.

It is a relaxed atmosphere without trying to convince or convert. Refreshments are usually provided. You can visit only one Faith Home or as many as you like during the hours published in the Faith Fest Owensboro brochure. Recent participants include the following:

  • Century Christian Church
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • Earth-based Traditions
  • Faith Lutheran Church
  • The Folkways (Paganism)
  • Islamic Center of Owensboro
  • Mt. St. Joseph Motherhouse Chapel
  • Owensboro Area Humanists
  • St. Stephen Cathederal
  • Sts. Joseph & Paul
  • Salvation Army
  • Soka Gakkai International (Nichiren Buddhism)
  • Temple Adath Israel
  • Third Baptist Church
  • Tri-State Hindu Temple
  • Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Owensboro (UUCO)
  • Zion United Church of Christ

Celebration Concerts

Music is an important part of any celebration. The following nationally touring groups have performed at Faith Fest. Seating may be limited and there may be an admission charged for concerts so check current brochure for details.

  • Emma's Revolution: A Folk-Rock Celebration (UUCO)
  • HuDOST: A Neo Folk World Rock Ensemble from Montreal provided an Evening of Intimate Song including Sufi Kirtans (Zion UCC)
  • Heath & Molly: Revolutionary Roots Rock (UUCO)

Lectures & Activities

  • Sacred Text Exhibit-  (@ Daviess County Public Library)
  • Owensboro High School Art Exhibit-  (@ Third Baptist Church)
  • Embracing Interfaith Cooperation: Eboo Patel on Coming Together to Change the World DVD mini-course with discussion-  (@ Zion UCC)
  • Centro Latino Potluck Fiesta-  (@ Sts. Joseph & Paul)
  • Service Opportunity to volunteer for Soup Kitchen every Saturday 4:30-6:30 pm. Call in advance to participate: 270-683-9868-  (@ Woodlawn United Methodist)
  • Dr. Court Lewis: Philosophy & Dr. Who-  (@ Daviess County Public Library)
  • Speed Dialogue from Project Interfaith-  (@ Brescia & Zion UCC)
  • Children's Poems & Prayers-  (@ Daviess County Public Library)
  • Tea, Music, & Dance a Cultural Event for Women Only-  (@ St. Stephens Cathederal, Undercroft)
  • Taize Service with Music, Scripture, & Meditation-  (@ Faith Lutheran Church)
  • Book Discussion Darsan: Seeing the Divine Image in India by Diana L. Eck-  (@ UUCO)

Interfaith Thanksgiving Service

Faith Fest Owensboro concludes with an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Owensboro (UUCO) on the Corner of Cedar and Parrish.

Faith Communities participating in Faith Fest are invited to present a brief Thanksgiving prayer from their tradition. Refreshments are provided after the service. Those attending are asked to bring a non-perishable food item for a local charity.

Faith Fest Owensboro 2016- (November 4 - 20)

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