Justice and Charity Events

The arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice. -Theodore Parker (1810-1860) American Transcendentalists and Unitarian minister.

Every nation must learn that the people of all nations are children of God, and must share the wealth of the world. We can never make the world safe by fighting. -Olympia Brown (1835-1926) Suffragist, first full-time ordained female minister (Universalist).

The daily business of life is imperative, and calls for immediate attention. -Mary Ashton Rice Livermore (1820-1905) Journalist and advocate of women's rights.

UUCO recognizes the intimate connection between Charity and Justice. Our annual events are JUSTICE oriented: Raising & addressing systemic issues.

UUCO recognizes Justice is a Lifestyle

  • We sell Fair Trade products to benefit small producers, cooperatives and the church.
  • We minimize use of paper products at church events.
  • We have a community garden and compost bin on campus.
  • We do pest control and gardening with all organic products.
  • We choose locally owned restaurants for gatherings and local merchants for major purchases.
  • We are conscious of energy efficiency as we make decisions regarding remodeling, repairs, and new purchases.
  • We host or support local Energy and Food Groups
  • Each month we participate in Habitat for Hummanity's aluminum can recycling collecion and we recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, and packaging from church events.

Monthly Charity Events

Our monthly events are CHARITY work: addressing immediate needs of our neighbors. Each month we take up a collection of items or supplies to meet a niche need for different charitable organizations in Owensboro.

With every special event fundraiser, we tithe to another organization. Some of the folks we help regularly in these ways include the following:

Boulware Mission, CASA, Eaton Memorial Food Pantry, Goodwill Industries, Humane Society, Matthew 25 AIDS Clinic, H.L. Neblett Community Center, OASIS (Spouse Abuse Shelter), Owensboro HELP Office, Salvation Army, St. Benedict Homeless Shelter, St. Joseph Peace Misssion, St. Vincent dePaul, Social Services Workers' Pantry. See the top of our Home page for this month's charity

Annual Justice Events

JANMartin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Coffeehouse
MARYvette Norris Memorial Lecture: To End Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
MAY1st Sunday: 'This Little Light' Community Grant Disbursement
MAY2nd Sunday: Standing Women Demonstration
MAYInternational AIDS Candlelight Memorial
JUNDenounce Torture: Prayer Vigil
JUNDenounce Torture: Lecture
SEPSeptember 11: Peace Vigil
SEPFood and Hunger Issues: Lecture
OCTNational Coming Out Day Vigil
OCTOwensboro- Daviess County CROP Walk to End Hunger

Details on Selected Justice and Charity Events

Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Coffeehouse

We celebrate this great man with solemnity and hilarity, song and skit. Satire by the Charlot Martin Players keeps us in stitches, while the talented musicians among us bring both smiles and a few tears. Altogether, a wonderful evening of remembrance and fellowship.(TOP)

Yvette Norris Memorial Lecture: To End Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

Yvette Norris, an Owensboro native, was murdered by the man with whom she lived. We have an endowment in her name which enables us to present an educational program each year on some aspect of domestic violence and/or child abuse. We believe that violence against women and children is a serious breach of justice and that knowledge of that violence is a beginning to ending it. (TOP)

This Little Light Community Grant

Reaching out to the larger community is an important part of UUCO’s ministry. Although we are not a wealthy congregation, we, quite literally, collect nickels, dimes and quarters throughout the year and in May we award a grant of from $500-$1000 to a local organization for the start-up of a new program.(TOP)

Standing Woman Demonstration

On a Sunday in May, women meet in public places and advocate for peace by standing in silence for five minutes. Women (and men) from UUCO join this worldwide demonstration by meeting in Legion Park.(TOP)

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

Gay and straight members and friends meet in solidarity to remember those who have died from, and those who are still living with, AIDS around the world. After a commemorative service we gather with lit candles along the edges of the church lawn.(TOP)

Denounce Torture: Prayer Vigil

On a Sunday evening in June we gather to remember the victims of torture and to pray for its end. A list of countries currently using torture is read within the service. (TOP)

Denounce Torture: Lecture

During the week following the Denounce Torture Prayer Vigil, we host a speaker who brings us knowledge of some aspect of torture. (TOP)

September 11 Peace Vigil

We remember the terrorism committed on 9/11 with readings of poetry and prose that focus on peace, interspersed by intervals of silence. In this way we commemorate those who died or were injured as we turn our own gaze toward a peaceful future.(TOP)

Food and Hunger Issues: Lecture

Once a year UUCO hosts a speaker to educate us on some aspect of the many food and hunger issues. Topics may be as varied as the environmental effects of chemically assisted vs. organic farming, food distribution, or malnourished/starving populations. (TOP)

National Coming Out Day Vigil

We celebrate the end of silence for the LGBT community with fellowship, a service and candle lighting.(TOP)

Owensboro Daviess County CROP Walk to End Hunger

Partnered with other churches we walk to raise money for world hunger. Proceeds are split, with part going to Church World Service to assist in feeding the hungry in other countries, and part staying in Owensboro Daviess County.(TOP)