Special Events

The arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice-Theodore Parker (1810-1860) American Transcendentalists and Unitarian minister.

Congregational life is richer and deeper when we make time to be together- for things that matter to our members, for community connections, and for good old-fashioned fun. Our Special Events include all that through the year.

The Congregational Life Committee generally plans and organizes our Special Events as well as Justice Events.

Monthly Special Events Include

  • Community Potluck: 5th Sunday @ 12 noon

Annual Special Events

MARVeggie Feast: An Alternative Lenten Meal
APRChristian Service with Footwashing and Communion
APRSunday Easter Service with Flower Communion
AUGTalent Show & Man Cake Auction
NOVFaith Fest: Citywide interfaith festival
Faith Fest Owensboro (website)
DECBizarre Bazaar: One of a kind locally produced goods and artwork
DECChristmas Eve Candlelight Service
Family Game Nights
Spiritual Retreats
Occassional lecture, workshops, and concerts

Details on Selected Special Events

Veggie Feast: An Alternative Lenten Meal

Veggies have never tasted so good! UUCO cooks, Trinity Episcopal hosts, for this around-the- world-veggie-dish feast held on a Friday evening during Lent. It’s a fund raiser—we sell the food—but the value-added camaraderie is free.(TOP)

Christian Service with Footwashing and Communion

Held on Easter Saturday afternoon, this is a special service for the Christians in our interfaith congregation. Within the service, our minister uses the ritual of footwashing and we share a Christian communion of bread and wine.(TOP)

Easter Sunday Service with Flower Communion

Every member brings flowers from his or her own yard. These are combined in vases on our sanctuary table to symbolize the diversity of our congregation as well as the beauty in the commingling. During the service everyone chooses a flower brought by someone else to take home. Flower Communion was created in 1923 by a Unitarian minister, Norbert Capek, who founded the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia.(TOP)

Talent Show and Man Cake Auction

Held in August—just for fun! We have many members who generously share their talents to entertain us. And, if any prove to be reticent, we have our own world-class Talent Show Host who will have them on their feet, performing, in no time at all. The Man Cake Auction is, as it sounds, an auction of cakes made by men.(TOP)


Sponsored by many community partners, a walk is held each year to raise AIDS awareness and money for services to AIDS patients. UUCO members walk as able.(TOP)

Faith Fest: Citywide Interfaith Festival

A celebration of the many faces of faith in Owensboro. Churches, mosques and synagogues open their doors and welcome visitors with tours of their facilities, explanations of their faith, and invitations to their worship. Respect grows as we grow in knowledge of each other.(TOP)

Bizarre Bazaar: One of a kind locally produced goods and artwork

A showcase for artists in the Owensboro area to display and sell their work, this event is a convenient place to find unusual gifts. Potters, woodcarvers, artists in all mediums may be found at the Bizarre Bazaar.(TOP)

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

The congregation, friends, and guests come together for a celebration of new life on this special night.(TOP)

Family Game Nights

A night of fun and fellowship, board games—for all ages—popcorn, and lemonade. In a fast paced world, we make time and space to enjoy being together.(TOP)

Spiritual Retreats

These are usually one day events with a focus on wellness and growth: spiritual, mental or physical.(TOP)

Occassional lectures, workshops, and concerts

Workshops are offered on a variety of topics and may be a one-time event or span several weeks. We offer a concert once a year featuring professional performers and have twice hosted the nationally acclaimed Emma’s Revolution.(TOP)