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Sunday Services

The Sunday services begin at 11:00 with Coffee / Conversation in the Chalice Center. The main service begins at 12:00 in the Santuary. This service last about 60 minutes. The service includes hymns, prayers, readings, inspirational music, and a sermon delivered by our Minister. Readings and prayers are taken from all the world's religious traditions. Dress is casual. Please visit our Photos page.

MEALS TOGETHER WERE SUSPENDED DURING THE PANDEMIC AND HAVE NOT YET RESUMED- After the Sunday service visitors are invited to join us for lunch. We eat out at a local restaurant on the 3rd Sunday. On the last Sunday of the month (4th or 5th) we have a potluck. The other Sundays we have Bag Lunch. There is always plenty to share if you are not able to bring a dish.

Who Are UUs

Ninety percent of UUs start in another tradition. Because of the diversity of beliefs and practices we bring, on any given Sunday or Thursday, it is impossible to meet everyone's needs, but through the year each one's tradition will be represented and specifically honored. Unitarian Universalism demands great religious respect of its members.

What do Unitarian Univesalist Believe

Unitarian Universalism is a non-credal faith. The roots of UUism are in two separate Christian traditions, Unitarianism and Universalism. We don't adhere to a specific set of beliefs, nor do we say, you can believe anything that you want and be UU.

Please visit our Worship page to learn about our worship service, Sources of Inspiration, and Seven Principles. Also, visit our About Us page to meet our minister, learn a bit about our history as a congregation, see Our Covenant and Mission Statement. These will help you understand what our Congregation is about.

Special Events & Justice Events

Unitarians and Universalist have a history of being in the forefront of justice and social movements, such as woman's sufferage, civil rights, and GLBTQ issues. Please visit our Special Events and Justice and Charity Events pages to see a listing of events, charities, and ministries that we participate in regularly.

Find Us / Contact Us

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We are located at 1221 Cedar Street, the corner of Parrish Avenue and Cedar Street. The church and Chalice Center is on Parrish Avenue just two blocks west of Frederica Street / Parrish Avenue intersection. Stop by and visit us soon.

Please visit our Contact Us page for more information on contacting us