Keeping Your Head Above Water in a Pandemic- Page 1

Rev. Dr. Claudia A. Ramisch

I am really fortunate to minister with a Congregation that is sensitive, smart, funny, committed to care of the world, and deep in their spiritualities. You do a good job of supporting of each other! Right now, though, our first line of care is completely cut off—we can’t show up in person and lend a hand. So we’re doing other things: cards and letters, texts and calls, online chats and swapping resources.

This page is mostly meant as a resource and encouragement for us—but we’re making it public in case other folks need these things, too. You’ll find connections to teachers from Traditions that inform our spiritualities, playful elements and creations by our members, quick links to meditative activities to calm you in a crazy moment, wider community resources, and links to trustworthy information for our city and Commonwealth. Don’t stop doing the other things you’re doing—just add these in!

As always, remember to breathe and reach out when you need help—human beings aren’t meant to go it alone! Rev. Claudia


DAD JOKES recorded by Richard & Travis:


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Member Reflections

Poems, sermons prepared for Sabbatical, questions / works in progress, sketches / drawings

Some Interfaith Resources

  • Buddhism- Jack Kornfield
  • Humanism- Humanists International Global Humanism Series on issues around the world during the pandemic
  • Islam- Yaqeen Institute
  • Jain- JAINA relief collections and Yoga breathing exercise
  • Judaism- Bay Area Jewish Healing Center Spiritual Care resources
      The Forward- Five new prayers for this pandemic
  • Paganism- Jason Mankey
  • Sikhism- Sikh Coalition Covid19 Response & Resources

Ministerial Food For Thought

Meditative Activities: Quick Links

  • PRINT- Seven Mantras with Text and explanation from the Chopra Center
  • MUSIC- OM MANI PADME HUM 15 minutes of music & scenery from Tibet
  • COLORING- Mandalas print for free

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