Welcome to 1UU on the Corner of Cedar & Parrish!

Come for the faith variety; stay for the community.

1UU Mission

Building healthy interfaith relationships through education, dialogue, and service.

Our Minister: Rev. Dr. Claudia A. Ramisch

Claudia Ramisch

Unitarian Universalism is a whole way of life. It involves personal spiritual practice and Sunday worship, ethical reasoning and relational skills, social outreach and justice work. It requires the discipline of a Safe Congregation and deep commitment to “Side with Love.” We always have something interesting going on—and we’re fun, too! (Board games and popcorn, anyone?)

Unitarian Universalists share some common commitments— our Association’s Principles and Purposes, civil rights engagement, and Statements of Conscience. However, we also share a difference—each Congregation is guided by its own covenant. Thus each UU congregation has a different ‘flavor.’ Here in Owensboro, we are an eclectic spiritual group with Buddhist, Christian, Humanist, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, and Vedanta practices amongst us. This ‘flavors’ our life together and makes it easy for us to seek interfaith partnerships. It also means, if you plan to visit you’ll need to come more than once because we have a lot of variety!

For example:

  • We are small and like to talk to each other: good news, everyone knows you; bad news, everyone knows you! We’re trying to capitalize on our size with the ancient practice of spiritual friendship.
  • We are comfortable with silence—sometimes up to 15 minutes in a service.
  • We appreciate the long thought—up to 30 minutes of teaching or sermon, group discussion, Q & A, an idea explored over several weeks.
  • We like to learn about almost anything and we like to play with ideas.
  • We use a mix of resources in worship and study—texts from the world’s enduring Taditions, the arts, science, and writings by our members. And while I am the minister, members preach, too.

People come to Unitarian Universalism for all different reasons, sometimes because they don’t fit easily into their root Tradition, sometimes for the social causes we support. But we are not a last resort church! We are an opportunity for you to deepen and broaden in your own practice and develop in spiritual kinship. Come see us!

Contact: 270-683-1462 or hermitstuff@bellsouth.net
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Unitarian Universalism is Both Old and New

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The Congregation founded by the Pilgrims in 1620 is a Unitarian Universalist congregation today and yet many folks are unaware of our existence!

The roots of UUism are in two separate Christian traditions, Unitarianism and Universalism. Unitarianism emphasized the Oneness of God and the ability of Christians to grow into their calling to be Jesus to the world. Universalists emphasized the mercy and love of God expressed in universal salvation for humanity. Both traditions have very long and proud histories.

Today our congregations are interfaith communities who emphasize the use of reason in religion, appreciation of insights into the meaning of life from religious, humanist, and scientific disciplines; openness to all that creates and enhances life; the individual's experience of mystery and wonder; and all inspired scriptures.

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